Celt Login ID Activation

The Celt Login Authentication System (CLAS) allows you to login to a variety of online services at UST including myStThom, Blackboard, Webmail, and Library services with a single username (your Celt Login ID) and password. Faculty and staff will also use it to access the UST network and Outlook Web Access. See the Celt Login Authentication System page for more information and help.

  • You are required to activate your Celt Login ID only once to create your new secure account profile. Once activated, use your Celt Login ID and password to login to any UST online service where you see the CLAS logo.

  • If you have not yet activated your Celt Login ID and you are a current or returning user, please note that your current user name and Celt Login ID will be identical; however, you are still required to activate your Celt Login ID and choose a new password.

To begin, please enter your UST ID number.

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